Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Love is ALWAYS in Fashion -- Still. Again.

Greetings, everyone! It's that time of year again...my third annual "Love is ALWAYS in Fashion" hat installation event. On Saturday, December 6, all of my hats will be out for display, and for a $5 donation to Good Samaritan Project, you can take a hat home with you.

This event is at The Arts Asylum (1000 E 9th St, KCMO) and always in conjunction with a holiday market/warm clothing drive for reStart, Inc. I hope you'll come shop with us that day!

We're also happy to include a presentation of my friend Seth's new children's book "The Jar Full of Light."

Since beginning this fundraiser in 2012, I've expanded to selling other art items of mine to help cover the costs of the yarn to make this project happen. Your support of my OTHER work allows this to keep going each year. I've begun using the hats for other fundraising efforts throughout the year, and the greatest joy so far is seeing someone's face when their new Classy hat picks them.

If you are getting a new hat this year or already have one, please post pictures on FB/Instagram/Twitter of #myclassyhat . You can tag @classymcg , too!

Love to you,
-C McG

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