Thursday, December 11, 2014

100 Hats Re-Cap: 91-100, Epilogue(s)

Hey, everyone! In case you missed it, 100 Hats concluded last Thursday, and I had the pleasure of surprising everyone with two extra frames, so it turned out pretty well. It was great to engage with everyone in a new way, and I hope to plan another series like this in the future. Probably about yoga or running or something.

Because I realllllly need to get back off my couch again.
It's not even technically winter yet, but I'm already a bear.

Anyway, ahem. Here are the rest of the posts:

100 Hats Re-Cap: 1-30
100 Hats Re-Cap: 31-60
100 Hats Re-Cap: 61-90

Happily, these hats aren't just for show; you can purchase them from any in-person event that I'm attending, or through my Etsy shop (that I will maintain regularly, I promise!). You can also coordinate a special shopping session, and I'll bring my bin of hats to you! I'm always making hats; the inventory turns over regularly. It keeps me out of the kitchen at night, so I'm happy to do it.

I post most regularly about events through my Facebook page and through the Classy Collective website.

I'm continuing my fundraising for Good Samaritan Project through the month of December, and have raised almost $250 so far, just from passing through $5 of each hat sale. It's been a really exciting holiday season so far.

Love to all!
-C McG

Day 100.1

Day 100.2

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