Tuesday, October 14, 2014

100 Hats Re-Cap: Days 1-30

Greetings, all! In case you've missed it, I've been rocking through an Instagram project, 100 Hats. I'm creating a live-action Classy comic featuring a unique hat every day for 100 days. In real-time, I'm around day 50 right now (depending on when I actually post this!), but here's a re-cap (eh? Cap? Stocking cap?!) of the first 30 days of the project.

The end of the project will be my "Love is ALWAYS in Fashion" hat installation where I sell off my hats and donate all the funds to charity. I'm pleased to announce that my beneficiary agency this year will be Good Samaritan Project, an AIDS Service Organization in Kansas City. Save the date! This year's event will be on Saturday, December 6 at The Arts Asylum.

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