Sunday, September 28, 2014

Compare Yourself

We're constantly told to just do what we want to do,
"Don't care what anyone else thinks,
you are a special unique flower,
you're lovable
you're perfect
just as you are!"

My brain doesn't accept that, of course,
none of our brains really do.

Right now
I'm thinking about it in a broader,
non-existential context
of things like job performance
and impressing donors.
And while on a basic level,
I know I'm just too old for this shit,
on another level,
we really do have to be doing things correctly.

You know,
whatever "correctly" is.

Maybe someday the world will shift,
and whatever the thing is that I'm doing
will become the thing from which to compare all other things.

Flip-flops forever!

-C McG

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