Sunday, August 17, 2014

Treat Days

Most groups I belong to understand 
when there's some sort of food-sharing to happen,
it's OK to just bring a lot.
It always gets eaten.

I haven't been eating dessert-related treats as this round of 'being on the wagon.'

When I decided to figure out what was wrong with my food intake,
I got really sad at the notion 
of having to go back to counting calories/Points/whatever.

So, I just cut out the most superfluous part of my eating.

Which has mostly been fine,
except when aforementioned food DOES show up,
it just sits there.
And sits there.

And no one knows what to do.

I'm 98% sure the food sits because I'm just usually the one that eats it all.
The other 2% thinks that maybe I'm an instigator, 
and overall EVERYONE eats more when I'm stuffing my face
and yelling about how delicious it all is,
and we can socialize while sharing the desserts together.

So, maybe, just maybe, everyone's doing a little bit better
when I'm on my wagon, too.

-C McG

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