Saturday, August 9, 2014

Share with Me Saturdays - Feed Your heART

Well, I'll use August to promote a project that I'm doing that brings out my love of dabbling.

I'm a member of a non-profit arts organization in Kansas City, The Arts Asylum. They've graciously given me the freedom to start a program of beginner adult arts classes this year, and we're about to kick off Feed Your heART next weekend.

I've long been a believer that American culture tends to let art take the backseat to things like "working all the time." We somehow get this status and credit for devoting our lives to our employers or keeping our families happy, and that often doesn't leave room for self-care.

We get tired.
We burn out.

Art has always been a glimmer of freedom from the routine,
from the ordinary.

My fear is that we grow up in our ruts and routines and forget to make time to be creative sometimes.

To rest.
To refuel.
To try something else for a minute
that may allow us to return to our routines
with fresh eyes
and fresh minds.

You're never too old to start making art.
You're never too far-gone to pick up your paintbrush again
or your knitting needles
or your pen and paper.

I picked up a sketchbook.
I bought some yarn.

I hope you'll consider trying the same.

The beauty of dabbling
is that it's a one-off for now,
and if you don't get it right away
it's OK.

We can suck.
We can create something beautiful.


I hope you'll consider joining us!

-C McG


Art Frenzy Night, August 16 -- Sample the menu of classes!

Full Feed Your heART class schedule/RSVP form here!

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