Sunday, August 31, 2014

How May I Label you Today?

In a sea of Internet bullying, 
personality quizzes (I'm pepperoni pizza!), 
fake news, 
real news,
free blogs where people can post any damned thing, 
lots of feelings, 
well, mostly feelings, 
where do we fit?

I'm in a constant state of trying to figure out
who I am,
what I am,
who I can relate to,
but mostly procrastinating,
I read a lot of psychology-related articles.

This IS my personality type! Kind of!
I AM an ENFJ! Sometimes!
Wow, those people ARE assholes, all of them! All the time!

I'm a special unique flower.
Everyone else is uniformly terrible.

Me, You.
Us, Them.
Fat, Skinny.
Peaceful, Terrorists.
Introvert, Extrovert.
Type-A, Type-B.
In-group, Out-group.

Labels can give us a sense of classification,
that we can put someone/a situation
in a clearly-defined,
easily explainable,
black and white

We should know better by now.
We shouldn't shun entire populations of people 
for the actions of few.

We shouldn't assume 
that we're always right
and perfect
all the time. 

I'll harp over and over again 
that what we actually like to do
is just surround ourselves with people 
who think like us
and look like us
and talk like us
and believe like us.

The rest are wrong.

We're wrong and unsafe to them, too, you see.

Anyway, quizzes are fun. 
But you know, they're just quizzes.
We are complex and beautiful,
and our answers will probably change tomorrow.

-C McG

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  1. Considering the options, I'm "Is that really the most efficient way..."

  2. Well, then you are probably Type-B or something. Labels!