Sunday, July 27, 2014

Do Anything

The problem with keeping yourself occupied
as a means to some kind of life fulfillment
is that you just get fucking tired sometimes.

you get tired in the middle of about eight projects
that are all happening at the same time.

This can lead to a couple of different responses:

1. I'm so overwhelmed I'm not doing any of it!

2. I'm so overwhelmed that I'm spending more time telling you about all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing instead of just doing it.

Either way, you get to a point where everything feels out of control.

Today, I offer to you the option of just doing anything.

Do anything, even if it's not related to your looming projects.

Find joy in the smallest of successes.

Then maybe,
just maybe,
you'll be ready to tackle everything.

-C McG

PS. Thanks to UFYH for little sparks of inspiration.

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