Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shame Plate

I might also venture that another interpretation of 'shame plate' is 
the one that goes back to regular dinner food after your dessert plate.
I've been there.

But seriously, I never need more than two plates. 
But buffets are so fun.

Buffet-tackling tips:

1. Do a pass-through and start prioritizing what you want first. Then grab a plate.

2. Eat slowly. It's hard; there seem to be endless possibilities of food that are all exciting, I know. It's OK if you don't get to all of them today. The slowing will help you enjoy your bites and give you more time for conversation between plates.

3. Make sure some non-breaded, non-fried vegetables get on your plate somewhere at some point.

4. Or, whatever. Just enjoy that buffet. You probably earned it.

-C McG

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