Tuesday, June 10, 2014

On the Wagon

So, from doing some Google-search research, I learned that "falling off the wagon" and "getting back on the wagon" were originally used to refer to drinking, "on the wagon" meaning you were back to your program of non-drinking.

The phrase has evolved to include bouts of being off/on whatever habit-changing, life-betterment program you are on.

As of this moment, I'm back on my self-care, not-eating-myself-into-oblivion wagon. I've named him Charles, and I decided to add my Classy words to all of it:

I want to be super-clear that the wagon doesn't disappear when you fall off.

Wagon understands you need your space

to get your shit together sometimes.

The phrase is only that you've fallen off.
The wagon isn't broken.
The wagon didn't leave.
The wagon's just sitting there,
waiting for you to come back.

You don't have to rebuild a wagon.

You don't have to start from scratch.
What you've learned on the wagon is still there.

Just hop back on when you are ready.

-C McG

PS. This also reminds me of a time when my first Weight Watchers leader told us, "Say you earned $100 and lost $20 of it. Would you just get of the rest of it, too? No. You still have $80!"

You are always a little better off than when you started, even if you fall off the wagon. Remembering that is really hard sometimes, though. I understand.

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