Saturday, May 3, 2014

Share with Me Saturdays - Angela Shimitz Part 1

Happy Saturday (and Happy May) everyone!

This month for SwMS, I'm featuring Angela Shimitz, one of the elite members of my "I've been friends with them since Kindergarten and still love them very much" clan.

This time of year is especially exciting for her because she is the featured artist at the Presentation College Wein Gallery in Aberdeen, South Dakota. From what I can tell, this is her first solo show, and she's so excited (and I'm so proud of her).

Q1: Hi! What's your name and favorite pizza topping?
Angela Shimitz, green peppers

Q2: What project/business/profession are you sharing with me today?
I am a K-12 art teacher, and like to paint and do photography on the side (when time allows).

Q3: How did you join this project/business? Did you create it, or get hired in, or....?
I was hired as K-12 art teacher at Ipswich in 2005. I also am the advisor for elementary art club and high school yearbook.
Q4: What's the most rewarding part of this project/business for you?
The most rewarding part of teaching is watching a student blossom. Especially one who started the year out saying that they "sucked" at art, and produce great art at the end of the year. I must admit that I am so proud when students win very contests as well. :) It's not all about winning, but it feels good to watch students get rewarded for their hard work and talents. I also love working with little kids. Their enthusiasm keeps me going. When I work on my own art, the process itself is most rewarding because it relaxes me, and I can get lost in it.

Q5: What part of this project/business makes you want to throw things out of anger or frustration? Be vague if you have to. It's OK.
When I love something I work on, and then go back to it the next day and absolutely hate it. I always doubt myself and think that I'm not "good enough." The politics of teaching can also frustrate me. It seems like things change every year in how we have to evaluate students and how we're evaluated, so it sucks up a lot of time, and it's frustrating. Dealing with discipline issue and lazy students can be very frustrating as well.

Q6: Do you ever question if this is what you are supposed to be doing in life? Do you feel like you are on a good journey with your project/ least for now?
At first I did, because the first three years teaching were really hard, but now I don't at all. It never feels like work, and I truly believe it's what I'm meant to do. I feel like I'm on a good journey. I do wish I carved more time to do my own work, but I've kind of accepted that. There are times I would like to dabble in other careers, like interior design, or English, but I am happy where I'm at.

Q7: Do you think you are getting any better at what you are doing? Does it matter?
I do think I've gotten better, just through continually learning and time. I don't know if it matters if you get better, per se, I think it is important that you continue to grow and learn.

Q8: What do you love most about existence right now? I mean this in the broadest sense possible. Or whatever sense you want to interpret that in, I don't care.
I love people, and interacting with them and learning new things. I love trying new things, and traveling when I can. I think what I love most now is that I have figured my life out (I think). I'm a new wife, and soon-to-be mom, so I'm super-excited for the future.

Q9: How is that love reflected in your project/business?
I think that it's reflected in my attitude when I deal with students, and I think my point of view is reflected in my work. I love to try new styles and mediums, so that is reflected, too!

Q10: Where can we read more about you and what you do?
I do have a Facebook folder of artwork, and I will be having this one woman show (eek!) at Presentation College gallery in May.
For Part 2 of SwMS with Angela, we will explore the craft of painting using sloths as our muse.

-C McG

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