Wednesday, May 28, 2014


May is my blogging anniversary. 

My habit is to take time to review the work of my past year and see how I will grow my business from here.


It's been an intense couple of months.

I will report on my work sometime, I'm sure.

For now, 
I want to tell you 
I reached the last page of my sketchbook. 
The one I've been using for my comics for the past...3 or 4 years, I think. 
I was sketching in it way before I started posting the drawings online.

It's an important end for me.

I want to tell you 
the sketchbook was a hand-me-down 
from a friend who no longer used it.

He might not remember this, 
but the first couple pages of the book contained a diary entry. 

I only looked at it once because it's private, duh.
Plus, it made me cry a bunch.

Even though I've lived in this book for years now,
I didn't want to disrupt the words of the previous owner.

I often reflect on what happens when our world changes
in a way we can never go back to.

For better or for worse.

This weird used sketchbook really changed my life.
It allowed me to express myself in ways I'd never tried before.
In ways I'd been too afraid to try before?

I know this week I'm going to comb back through it,
try to find pages I maybe missed
and make sure I draw on them, too.

Eventually, I'll get to take all I've learned
and experienced
and start all over again in a new sketchbook.

With a voice
a character

that I didn't have before.

Thank you 
for allowing me to share my stories with you
so far.


This spring,
a young friend's life ended.

We grieve
and pine for the world we had
with her here.

I've just been thinking about ends a lot lately.
And what we need to do when we reach them.

I guess we're always in training for transition;
it's inevitable.

We'd be remiss 
if we absorbed people
and knowledge
and opportunities
in this life
and never used it to to carry us forward.
Wherever forward is.

You have what you need.
You know that you're changed.
Now you just need to walk through the door.

-C McG


  1. But what if there are two doors?

    1. Well, I did say *A* door opens. There can be many doors sitting there, though!

      You could split yourself in two, I guess.

      But I wouldn't recommend more than that.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! It's been a long time coming, I guess!