Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ways to Love KC in April

Hello, all! Just wanted to drop a note and let you know how you can support projects in Kansas City this month.

AIDSWalk Kansas City - Saturday, April 26th, Theis Park.
I've been supporting AIDS Service Foundation for...over 5 years at this point. Their annual AIDSWalk event is one of my favorite events of the year. We get to walk for free, but we also get to do a lot of fundraising.

This year, I'm back with my friends at KC Fringe (We have a booth and everything)!

Please consider a donation to our KC Fringe team page. Last year I awarded personalized greetings for each donor. This year, you'll actually have a chance to see me at the event, and I'd be happy to give out hugs and a fresh drawing to thank you at the event personally!

Indiegogo Fundraiser for Flowers in the Wardrobe, a new play by Kevin King.
My friends get into lots of shenanigans. I try to support everyone as much as I can in a variety of ways.

Because we all need a lot of help with everything.

Indiegogo is a way to help a little from your desk. It's like Kickstarter, except the campaign can actually receive all the donations whether or not it's fully funded by the end of the campaign period. I have lots of feelings about crowdfunding, as you know.

I also love my friends and want them to be able to bring new art into the world and get some money back for their efforts.

So, here's the page for that fundraiser. The play itself opens in May, so you can see what you have supported!


-C McG

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