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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Share with Me Saturdays - Alicia Bower Part 1

Hello, everyone! The April edition of "Share with Me Saturdays" features Alicia Bower of Love Technicians, a pop-y, dance-y, synth-y, rockin' duo out of Omaha, Nebraska. I am excited...nay, giddy! to report that the Love Technicians are heading into the studio this month, so this is a great opportunity to fall in love with them right before you have an album to hear.

Alicia and I went to college together wayyyy back in the day, but we didn't actually meet each other until a couple years ago. I thank my husband and Casey for bringing us together. We will now be eating breakfast food together forever now.

Photo Credit: Tim Gillespie
(Thanks, Cari Ann, for letting us borrow your camera)

Q1: Hi! What's your name and favorite pizza topping?
Hey! It's Alicia Bower, and topping is mushrooms! Yum!

Q2: What project/business/profession are you sharing with me today?
I am 1/2 of the Love Technicians!

Q3: How did you join this project/business? Did you create it, or get hired in, or....?
Oh man, Casey and I both play our instruments moderately, and we both sing pretty well, so once we entered our later 20s and got credit cards, we bought a bunch of instruments that we had always wanted. And so, instead of watching TV shows, we started practicing and writing songs that allowed us to downplay our weaknesses and play to our combined strengths. So, I guess the answer is, we created it. :)
Q4: What's the most rewarding part of this project/business for you?
I think the most rewarding thing is being able to take the time we need to write songs we are proud of. It's a slow process, but when we finally play the songs live, we are really proud of our work! I think it's also just been fun to see how far this goes, how far we can push the Love Techs before our limited talents and abilities and the limited amount of time we have to offer it catches up with us...So far we've been able to stay ahead of it! :)
Q5: What part of this project/business makes you want to throw things out of anger or frustration? Be vague if you have to. It's OK.
I think the process of writing songs is very difficult. Like, I have no problem coming up with ideas, or loops, but actually turning those into songs that we aren't ashamed to play in front of a larger, paying audience, that part takes months and a lot of paring down, rejecting ideas, coming up with new ones, reorganizing the song...and inevitable fights between Casey and me. But, when the finished project emerges I know it was definitely worth all of the time, effort, and insanity! :)
Q6: Do you ever question if this is what you are supposed to be doing in life? Do you feel like you are on a good journey with your project/business...at least for now?
I have thought about that a lot. I'm lucky because I get to have fun playing music with Casey, and I get to be proud of our product, and we get to play some great shows in great venues with some fantastic people in a very welcoming and supportive environment. However, given that I devote much more time to getting my doctorate and beginning on that more steady and guaranteed career path, it's really nice to be able to chase one path while still expressing myself and being creative with the Love Techs!

Q7: Do you think you are getting any better at what you are doing? Does it matter?
I think I am learning a lot. You know, it's one thing to write a song, then another to figure out how you are going to play that song live, and another to figure out what you need, in terms of equipment and help from the sound techs at the venue, to be able to make your song sound like you want it to. I would say that I have learned that the more you play, the better you get at it - and probably most importantly, I can't be afraid to play a "bad show" - although I can't walk away with the same great feeling I do when I feel really good about the show, it's through some of the worst shows that I figure out what to make sure I do in the future to prevent that from happening again. It's an interesting, scary, and ultimately very rewarding learning process.

Q8: What do you love most about existence right now? I mean this in the broadest sense possible. Or whatever sense you want to interpret that in, I don't care.
Oh man, I am in such a good place right now. I'm embarking on a career path that allows me to play to my strengths, and continuously challenges me but also allows me to be surrounded with very progressive and thoughtful people, and while doing this, I get to spend time singing, dancing, and writing songs with my best friend. I'm a lot more confident now than I was before, and that goes a long way to letting me try new things and put myself out there, both musically and in school. I work really hard, but I'm having such a great time doing it! I mean, life is up and down, and when you are putting yourself out there and challenging yourself, you experience a lot of emotions, some are more negative, but some are also positive - I guess I just try to cling to the good feelings and ride out the bad ones :)

Q9: How is that love reflected in your project/business?
Well, we are the Love Technicians, and Casey and are totally in love with one another, and we both love playing music together, and so, I think when you see us play a show, you can see that we are just trying to do our best in everything we are doing, and drawing strength from each other's support. I definitely would not have the courage to do it without him up there. It's a lot more fun when it's our shared project than when it's just me singing cover songs at coffee shops. I think when you see us play you see that.

Q10: Where can we read more about you and what you do?
Here is the link to our Facebook page - we don't have a different page yet. We will make sure to put all our events up there :) Thanks!

Stay tuned to read about our dabble session where we talk about performing live, songwriting, Omnichords and gearing up to record an album!

-C McG

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