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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Photos of Hats 8

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I was sent this beautiful picture of Leanna in her Classy hat (Thanks, aunt Tara!).
Back in March, Leanna participated in the inaugural production of Project Pride, a group of "LGBTQ and straight allied teens creating theatre that gives voice to their experiences."
I was very proud of this project, but was not going to be in town for the production, so I passed along some hats and gifts to the cast to wish them well.
Leanna has definitely continued wearing her hat, and when asked if I could blog about it, she happily reported she was wearing her hat in class today, even though hats aren't allowed (She's in the midst of some MU fans!).
As always, I love hearing stories of your Classy hats in the world--Sometimes I can post about them here, other times, they get added to my hats photo album on Facebook.
I'm also usually game for figuring out how I can get hats to you to help with your various projects (fundraisers, thank you gifts, etc). All I ask is that your project spreads love and compassion for ALL people. Contact me through Facebook, or email classy (at) classymcgraceful (dot) com.
-C McG

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