Saturday, April 5, 2014

Classy Goes to the Blogger Conference

Greetings, all! I've just finished attending my very first blogger conference, Go Blog Social. It was great to be in the midst of so many people interested in creating unique, fun content for the web that audiences could really get behind and enjoy.

The conference itself was a series of presenters over two days. It was run beautifully, and the sponsors really stepped up and had lots of goodies for us. The croissants from Farm to Market Bread Company really stood out (and the seemingly-endless coffee from The Roasterie).

The subject matter mostly went wayyyy over my head, as my passions aren't really related to fashion/style. "Good photos are super-important" was the recurring theme of those talks. Which makes sense. OK.

I sat in the back and worked on hats for most of the time (I finished 3 of them!), but I spent the morning of the first day sketching. 

I don't know if it was intentional, but the very first presenter of the conference laid a fantastic foundation that each presenter could re-visit. And each presenter had something to add to the presentation before them. It was nice, and I think I followed it pretty well.

Today, I present to you Classy-fieds, based on How Sweet It Is Jessica's "How to Build a Following" presentation. It wouldn't be me if I weren't sketching. 

As I listened to the speakers, I started to understand that yeah, we have different content, but at the core, we just need to be our most authentic selves.

As we navigate the ins and outs of ad sales, email newsletters, brand cohesion, we need to make sure our voice stays clear and consistent.

And we'll all be better artists for it.

-C McG

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