Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Benefits of Dabbling

Happy Wednesday, all.

Just wanted to share an article from
and send some good vibes about trying new things.

Dabbling is an important part of my life and the art I like to create.

You've probably figured this out about me already,
and if so, good.
And if not,
I promise to get more weird.

Some of us are wired to focus on one project/skill and that's our THING.

Some of us like to try a little bit of everything, just in case.

This article helps us understand that taking dabble breaks
can actually help us be better at our THING,
by letting us recharge
and engage other parts of our brains for awhile.

For me, dabbling also allows us to grow by failing at something.

Sometimes, we stay with our THING
because we know how to do it
and we're good at it.
It's comfortable.
It's safe.

In case you needed someone to tell you,
it's OK to try something new
and completely suck at it.
Dabbling isn't permanent.
It's just a pause
from the work
we know you are amazing at.

And now look how well-rounded you are!

-C McG

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