Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sounds like Painting

So, you might remember last summer, I took on an assignment of making a series of drawings based on my Word-of-the-Day emails. I picked out some words and just started drawing things that came to mind.
It's a good exercise when you are a exhausted from creating your own stories from scratch. I highly recommend it. I learned I like to draw cats sitting on things.
A couple months ago, I was listening to some tracks Howie's been recording for his next album. I'm already pretty familiar with the album, as the songs have been written for YEARS already :-)
After a particular song, I asked him if I could have the lyrics to it. I thought maybe I could try the exercise again with words that I was actually given permission to mess with. I didn't really have a plan; I just really liked the words.
Then I got really belligerent and decided I was going to try to paint.

So, it's done. These are some lyrics from "Make our Sound," which is eventually going to be part of an album that Howie will theoretically finish recording someday and will post to his website .
-C McG
PS. I have no patience for painting, it turns out.

PPS. Thanks to Larissa for letting me hide in her studio while I yelled at the paint. 

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  1. No problem lady! I had fun and I'm glad that we could yell at our respective projects together...makes us seem less crazy if there TWO of us in the room and we're BOTH screaming. (c: