Saturday, January 11, 2014

Share with Me Saturdays - Introduction

Greetings, everyone! 

I had one new year's resolution, and it was to FINALLY learn how to put a pom-pom on a stocking cap. Well, it happened, and it was just as rewarding as I hoped it could be. I finally opened an Etsy shop, too, so you can shop all year, instead of just at random events.

Now I guess I should move onto to another project and not lose myself in drunk, self-congratulatory wonder for 12 more months.

I decided that 2014 is the year I really want to start engaging with other (real) artists. I know so many gifted professionals (in Kansas City, back at home in South Dakota, just all over this crazy country) that I thought it'd be fun to get outside of my own head and go into their heads for awhile.

To that end, I've brainstormed "Share with Me Saturdays."

On your end, you'll see a blog post at least one Saturday each month featuring one of my friends/cohorts/persons I admire in what I hope is just a fun show of storytelling.

On my end, I've created a 10-item survey (that's all I could get free on Survey Monkey) and have asked over 50 artists/business owners/lovely people to complete it. Within the survey, I ask them questions about life, the work they do, and if I can come "dabble" with them sometime. If they say yes, I'll go spend some time in their element, whatever it looks like, and I hope they'll spend a little time sketching and feeling feelings with me. My plan is to also document and blog those sessions, too.

I understand that it's all a really good idea in theory, and it can only go as well as our collective scheduling abilities allow, so send good vibes our way, and stay posted for our stories.

-C McG

PS. A lot you have you have the email I sent. Take your time. I need a few months to get everything scheduled. If all goes not-terribly, I'll put out a call for more artists later in the process. I'm already really excited to share these stories with you.

PPS. Really, really excited.

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