Sunday, December 8, 2013

"Love is Always in Fashion" Wrap-Up

What a weekend!

Named after the first event in which my hats made an appearance, my "Love is Always in Fashion" hat installation is now an annual affair! A $5 donation gets you a hat, and 100% of funds donated support a charity of my choosing. No matter what the fashion trends are at the time, love is always in fashion.

It's been a cold, cold weekend in Kansas City, but a small-but-fierce (and loyal!) crowd of supporters helped me raise $240 for Community Assistance Council

My inventory increased significantly since last year, so when the event was over, I donated about 15 hats to our reStart warm clothing donation drive, and 7 hats to the kids we worked with this round of Kids with Crayons (an arts program through The Arts Asylum). 

I will take the rest of the hats to other events throughout December and continue raising funds for CAC.

This year, I also have developed other merchandise and actually have a full vendor booth for myself! Weird, right?! My brother (Awesome McGraceful) also created stocking cap tree ornaments that we gave for $1 donations for CAC.

So, it was so much fun again, and I look forward to continuing my fundraising efforts for as many years it takes for me to give up completely or train a new generation of hat-making machines.

-C McG

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