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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Another Promo Post...with Pie!

I drew this picture awhile back as I've begun exploring my love-love relationship with pie. 

Fast forward to Thanksgiving weekend this year. I ate 5 different kinds of pie.

It's also been an exciting weekend, because I finally have an Instagram account now, 'classymcg' that you are welcome to follow. It'll mostly look like this:

This next weekend is Flights of Fancy, where I will do my 2nd annual stocking caps for charity installation, "Love is Always in Fashion." This year, in addition to $5 donations for stocking caps, my cohort Awesome McGraceful helped me use leftover yarn to make stocking cap tree ornaments, which will be available for $1 donations.

I will have 100 hats looking for homes at this event, so I hope you can stop by. They make great gifts, too, I'm told.

-C McG

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