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Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Set

Greetings, shoppers!

I'm really excited for all the business I've been doing this month (it's been an interesting experience, but good. I think).

To continue the jolliness, I've put together a gift set so you can buy your favorite Classy McGraceful fan a surprise that says, "Hey, I think you like things!" Even if that fan is yourself. I won't judge.

Gift Set includes:

1 Classy "I'm Feeling Feelings" mug, 11 oz. (Shown twice so you can see the whole design)
1 Classy "I'm Feeling Feelings" magnet, 2 inches square
1 Classy "Small Victories" card (choose between 5 drawings (designs are here: http://www.classymcgraceful.com/2013/12/small-victories-greetings.html) and 4 card colors (blue, lime-ish green, purple, teal))
1 snazzy gift bag (choose green, blue, or brown)

The gift set is all yours for $15 (if you are a Kansas City local, and/or I can meet you to drop off the bag)!! 

Otherwise, I'll ship the set to you for $18 total. There are only 6 sets, and they are available while supplies last. It's up to you whether it needs to be delivered by Christmas or not. I don't assume how you celebrate the winter months. :-)

Contact me through my Facebook page or email me, classy (at) classymcgraceful (dot) com to arrange payment/shipment. Don't forget to pick out your card art, card color, and bag!

-Classy McG

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