Sunday, September 15, 2013


This may be the beginning of a series, I'm not sure yet.

For now, I'll put out a friendly reminder that we are ALL on a journey.

We show the world our best self as much as we can, 
in the midst of everything that life throws us.

Those moments when we pass each other, 
interact with each other,
strangers or friends...

We can't always assume we understand what got them to that moment.

We'd LIKE to.

It makes us feel good to peg someone.

It also can make for tricky first impressions.

At any rate, you are always catching someone on a journey.
You don't know *where* on the journey until they tell you.
It could be a high point.
It could be a low point.

When you have a bad day and encounter someone, 
they are trying to peg you and assume things about you, too.

Even on the most rough, unfortunate encounters,
don't disregard someone's journey.

-C McG

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