Sunday, August 11, 2013


I subscribe to's Word-of-the-Day. 

The day that "also-ran" came through my email, I almost cried.

I dabble in many things, but don't have enough passion to actually focus on improving any particular thing. I just like being well-rounded-ish.

(There. I'm passionate about being well-rounded. Ish.)

It just made my heart hurt for all of us who haven't had that 'aha!' moment of, "yeah, I may never win anything ever. I may never be successful at what I truly love. So what am I going to do about it?"

"Also-ran" became my first Word for my "Words are Hard" series. I created 10 pieces based on words that were interesting to me as I combed through the history of my Word-of-the-Day emails.

It's also my favorite. It didn't sell at the KC Fringe Festival, which is fine by me; it gave me another chance to capture a picture of it for the blog.

If you *are* interested in seeing the piece, and/or purchasing it, let me know, classy (at) classymcgraceful (dot) com. It's a big one; it is currently sitting in a black 23" x 28" frame with green matting. The piece has a little bit of color, too. The photo is just black and white for this post.

-C McG

8/13/13 update: Also-Ran is SOLD. You may now continue enjoying its glory on the interwebs.

New for 2018! Audio Companion!


  1. The great thing about art is you get to write your own definition for "success."

  2. Which is simultaneously "comforting" and "a little too safe" sometimes.

    I'm a pretty big fan of low expectations, though.

    Just in case.