Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nope. It's easier to just scan the damned things.


The pieces I drew for the KC Fringe Festival are officially (finally!) out of my house and into the galleries. Great.

I spent a lot of time yesterday staring at a blank wall,
then staring at my pieces laying on the floor,
then back at the wall.
Then pieces.
Then wall.
And had not a clue how to marry those objects.
After much soul-searching, I made an executive decision to just hang ONE thing, and then work from there. Let the pieces fall into place.
Except I had forgotten a hammer.
And I have no patience for measuring things.
And I'm not sure I even know how to use a hammer even if I had one.
It had taken every bit of heart I had to CREATE the stupid pieces, call them "finished enough," and actually walk away.
Preparing the pieces for actual presentation was this whole new realm of expertise, time, and energy I'd never dreamed of.
And patience.
And meticulousness.
Nope. I'm out.
When faced with the knowledge that you are definitely not the person in power in a situation, you have a few options:
1. Fake it 'til you make it.
2. Pretend like you have power to justify why/how you are totally clueless in this moment, and make sure to let everyone know that you do ACTUALLY have power, and that power is to treat everyone like they are the ones that are supposed to be taking care of you in this moment.
3. Admit you don't have the power you need, and just ask for help.
4. Sit in a pile and cry.
As you can probably imagine, I tried a little bit of everything.
I trudged along and hung half the pieces.
Nearing tears, I finally asked for help.
Now everything is hanging on a wall.
In a gallery.
With everyone else's work.
My pieces have no business being there.
I guess that's what makes it all funny, right?
-C McG

PS: List of Visual Artists. Here is the Facebook event for my part of it.

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