Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Creating on the Fly - Iron Artist


My KC Fringe update today is about the Iron Artist competition from Sunday night.
One of the events to showcase the Visual Artists is a play on "Iron Chef." We all get access to the same ingredients (materials), and we have to incorporate a secret ingredient. We have an hour to create something on a blank piece of foam board. Everyone votes for their favorite, drinks are had, emcees are running around, it's a lot of fun.
This year, the secret ingredient was a small stack of playing cards.

I learned these things about myself:

1) I just...can't communicate without words. As soon as I started slapping images together, I felt a giant void where the snark is supposed to live. So I started writing on it.

2) I always want to show you something I'm struggling with internally. I know that's what artists DO, but when given an assignment that may not involve my own feelings, to try to make something that might just be aesthetically appealing to strangers...I just couldn't do it. I came right back to my own issues. I know some people liked it and understood it. I don't think a lot of people liked it because it wasn't really well-done (just like the rest of my stuff, har har). But it's what I know.

3) I do, however, appreciate a challenge.

4) And beer.

-C McG

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