Sunday, May 12, 2013

Let people rest.

Oh, huh. This is scheduled to post on Mother's Day.

And while this is a drawing of me being really surly about some Bible stories I've heard, and what happened at the beginning of Buffy season 6, I think I can also write about Moms here.

Because here's what a great Mom can do for you:

1. Love you.
2. Teach you how to fucking take care of yourself.
3. Teach you the importance of loving others.
4. Let you/tell you to move out when it's time.

And she'll have done such a good job that you can figure out how to grow up, use all that you've learned, and share your knowledge with your kids, or to other people who weren't nearly as lucky as you when they were growing up.

Then, let her rest. You got this. Maybe give that special mother/teacher/stocking-cap-wielding friend a dark chocolate bar of 'thank you.'

-C McG

Note: I do use the terms "mom" and "she/her" pretty broadly. I hope that everyone has SOMEONE in their lives that help them become the adults they need to be. I have a lot of "moms" in my life.

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