Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Year of Blogging

Why, hello there.

While I was out and about this past month, I realized that May is the anniversary month of my adventures in blogging.

There's a lot of Internet out there. I'm reflecting on the past year to see how I feel about being part of it.

Of note:

1) Uh, I actually stuck with a project for a year? One that is MINE and not a volunteer gig for someone else?! Awesome.

2) I was drawing before blogging. These little one-panel comic things came from times of exhaustion and self-loathing. During my low points, I tried to step back and stop over-analyzing everything and just tried to laugh at myself. Blogging challenged me to strive for other content; drawings that come from joyful experiences, too.

3) I don't think I'll change the world, or introduce anything that everyone hasn't seen already. I think that's OK? I don't think I'd create anything at all if I was waiting for the moment of the most unique, profound, perfect spark of creativity. That kind of thinking is paralyzing for a potential artist.

4) I laugh that I'm not passionate about anything, but I think that's a lie. I think I'm passionate about storytelling. These comics (and the haikus I love to write) keep me brief. They keep me within a structure. If you've met me, you know I'm not a brief person. I'll tell every story from all angles, back to the beginning of time. 

Like that time I told you about that one time I started a blog.

Here's to another year of stocking caps and flip flops!

-C McG

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