Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Joys of Funks

Our minds get cluttered with garbage.
A lot of garbage.

Sitting down to intentionally finish a project,
to begin a project,
or, hell, to just COMMUNICATE something

is pretty impossible after a point.

So you just stare
or cry
or storm out of the room
or word-vomit at the nearest ears.

But then.


You pass the point of giving a shit.

The thoughts, jumbled as they are,
completely cancel each other out

and there's a window of opportunity
in the silence.

That nagging voice that usually judges your work,
that always keeps you from being creative
for fear that it won't work,
that it will fail,
that it will be worthless,
that it will be ugly

disappears, too.

So in that moment,
pour out what you can.
Worry about it later.

The page loves your lines.
The keyboard loves your taps.
The needles love your tension.

Why deny them that joy?

--C McG

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