Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's with the Hats?

Once upon a time, I got a Hobby Lobby gift card for a, uh, gift. 

At the store, I stumbled on this package of plastic knitting looms. They were on clearance. As I continued to stare at the package, I realized I could probably easily knit something if I had the help of a loom. I have no patience and no dexterity and no skill with yarn crafts. This was a glimmer of opportunity to create something. And that seemed pretty damn cool. 

I bought the loom kit (4 different sizes of looms!) and a skein of yarn and came home. I made it about 5 feet through the front door before I plopped down on the floor and just started a stocking cap. A couple hours later, it was done. 

I pretty much haven't stopped since then.

The main difference now is that I tend to make hats while actually sitting on furniture.

It's been fun to explore with different sizes, color combinations and yarn types. It's freeing to know that I can use pretty much any color. The hats aren't for me. 

And that's just fine.

-C McG

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