Sunday, May 20, 2012

Collecting Stories

I found out I get to do something really awesome with my hats this year. 

I get to display them in an art gallery.

The trick is, what makes them so beautiful is where they go after I'm done with them.

So, I need some help.

If you have ever been the recipient of one of my hats, or found somewhere great to wear a hat, give a hat, store a hat, etc etc, I'd love to hear your story. Even (especially!) a picture of you wearing the hat!

If you don't have a hat yet, but want to be part of the fun, let me know that, too. I'll figure out how to get you a hat, no matter where you are.

Requests, stories, photos, just email it all to me at classymcgraceful at gmail dot com. Please share this with anyone you know who has one of my hats, too.

I plan on documenting the stories and my gallery preparations here on the blog, too. Yay, technology.

-C McG

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