Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Have you ever sat and just researched for inspiration online and were just annoyed with everything you found? It may be why I mostly avoid Pinterest these days.

I struggle with the parts of my brain that want things to be cute and creatively put together, and the other parts that strive to complete every task with utilitarian flair (none, just get it done).

Journaling has always been a necessary evil for me. It takes a lot of time to do, but I feel really great when I'm writing/drawing out thoughts and plans and stories. It's also a tremendous act of self-care, which is hard to commit to until the wee hours of the night/morning when you know everyone else is busy/sleeping/OK.

Last year, I remember hearing of Bullet Journaling, and I was optimistic that it took all the many moving parts of our lives and compartmentalized them into daily/weekly/monthly checks and columns and rows and colors. It's called a "Bullet" Journal because you journal in bullet points, rather than long-form writing. In hindsight, my little paper Weight Watchers journal I carried for years was exactly that; just tailored specifically to lists and checks about food and activity.

What I don't exactly love about Bullet Journals is that it's TOO cutesy for me; I think part of the charm is having to use a lot of creativity to get it inked out and ready for your daily updates. I had flashbacks to playing WWF on N64 in high school and remembering how we would spend HOURS creating our characters before the game part even started. And I rarely wanted to actually play the game at that point.

Ultimately, though, with any new habit undertaking, we want to ask what the problem is we're trying to solve. All the fancy flowers and rows and color-coding won't really do anything if you don't know why you're doing it.

At present, I have a pretty good system in place already for tracking calendar items and to-do lists, but I'm really lacking the motivation to just talk to myself about how I'm FEELING about everything I'm doing. I try diets for dieting's sake, but I don't know why, I don't know my goal. I say I'll go the gym, but I have no idea what I'm trying to fix by doing that. Without a way to measure if things are actually working or not, it's easy to just spin our wheels and give up.

Anyway, yesterday I started a blank journal that just broke out the main things I wanted to talk to myself about, and I added a few check-boxes so I could have some sense of resolution on a few important points, too.

I got really tired of journaling specifics and calorie counts and scale numbers and measurements. Right now my goal is to..."feel better?" I don't know for sure yet. I'm hoping this map of what wellness things I should be watching will ultimately show me something about myself. On the back of each page, I left a whole page free for notes/doodles/tasks anything that came up during the day to deal with. All the pages are penciled in at the moment to give me the freedom to change things up as I go along. When the day is over, I commit the page to a cute marker color of my choosing and pen my summary of the day and how I'm feeling about my choices and activities for the day. 

I can already tell I'll need to add some home care items, too, because I know when my home is out of control, I am too.

It's a start. "Avoiding mindless snacking" is one of my big life goals at any given point in time, so just writing this blog post, and adding a new template page to my notebook are little things that are helping pass the time at least.

-C McG

Sunday, November 12, 2017


What a word, right? De-cluttering.

We have so much STUFF in our world,

physical and mental.

It's just STUFF.
Always present,

always getting in your way of progress.

I started The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin this weekend on the recommendation of a friend. So far the book is lots of gentle reminders of shit I already know (Hell, stuff I've already blogged about!). I'm hoping at SOME point, the information will click and I'll be able to tackle a STUFF reorganization for myself.

As I head through her writing, I'll probably take lots of notes. Writing things down helps solidify their content in my brain.

Here's a summary of her words about the KINDS of clutter we encounter as we deal with home:

And here's a picture of how I feel most of the time:

So, like with everything else we try to tackle in the world, 
we've gotta start somewhere.

Personally, I always need to mentally de-clutter,
try to let go of nagging, burdensome thoughts
about myself
about a hectic week
about a thing I did wrong
my self-doubt

before I can even give a pile of papers a second thought.

We've gotta start somewhere, though.

Good luck! Also, if you've read any of Gretchen's works, I'm curious to know what you think and what you've learned!

-C McG

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

OMG So Many Things - Episode 7 and More Life

Hey, a new episode of OMG So Many Things dropped last week, and I'm just getting around to posting it! 

I've been coordinating volunteers for Kansas International Film Festival, which we're smack in the middle of right now; it runs through November 9. So all my free time is spent there right now!

Uh, regular-art-wise, I'm participating in Art Every Day Month (always in November) over on Instagram, so that's where I'm posting most regularly right now.

Next up, improv!

My final KCIC student show is Thursday, November 16 at 7:00 at the Kick Comedy Theater in Westport KCMO. My class is performing a Harold, an old-school long-form improv format.

On Saturday, November 25th, I'll be at the America's Improv Test Kitchen show performing as part of a jam team. That's also at 7:00 at the Buffalo Room in a different PART of Westport KCMO.

Finally, hats!

I'm still selling hats for my charity partners. I'll keep you posted on where I'll be tabling next, or you can contact me through my FB page to make an appointment to shop my bin.

OK, now podcast!

-C McG

Thursday, October 26, 2017

OMG So Many Things - Episode 6 and other Life Updates

Hey, team! We recorded another episode of OMG So Many Things this past Thursday!

I can't get my embed code to work like usual, so I'm feeling especially Classy McGraceful today.

This time click HERE to visit the Soundcloud website to listen. You can also search for us on through iTunes or Stitcher or a lot of other 3rd party podcast apps, I'm sure!

In other news, I finally put myself back on a diet this week, so I'm full of rage.

In other-other news, you can shop for Classy Charity Hat next Saturday, November 4, 10-6:00 at St Regis School, 8941 James A Reed Rd, KCMO. Here's the FB event for more details.

Happy Thursday!

-C McG

Monday, October 9, 2017

OMG So Many Things - Episode 5

Hay-lo! We've got a new episode of OMG So Many Things out on the streaming interwebs! We hope you've been listening and enjoying so far! If you want/are able, leave a review on iTunes so other people will think we're legit and listen to us, etc etc ;)

Love, C McG

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

We're Not Computers

Hi, just some ramblings this week. Sorry there's no drawing yet. Some days I'm very sure we're computers; that we are wired and programmed and need re-booting and battery charging to ensure longevity. But that's too simple today, I think. So anyway. Take care of yourselves. - C McG


The greatest struggle we have
as we slowly start to understand the nature of things

is realizing that we're non-binary.

We're not computer programs.

Everything that happens,
everything we are

can't be written off as,
"Oh, the only options are
this or that."

Solving the world's problems,
solving ourselves

doesn't boil down to,
"Well, we either do this or that."

Understanding each other's lives,
understanding ourselves

isn't answered by claiming,
"You are either this or that."

But our brains really want it to be that way.
Our brains want it to be simple.
Do this or do that.

You're either good all the time
or evil all the time.

Man or woman.

Rich or poor.

Mine or theirs.

Us or them.

Do this always to be saved.
Avoid that always or be condemned.

You know every time you mess up,

there were circumstances;
really valid excuses.

When you win, it's because you're great.

When you lose, it's because someone else fucked up.


Remember a long time ago,
when we used to stay in our same little communities forever,
and the only people we ever knew
were the people physically closest to us?

The people that looked most like us?

The people who behaved most like us?

The people who worshipped most like us?

That upbringing solidified our thinking that's how people are supposed to be.

Any other version of existence must be wrong somehow.

At the very same time,
every other person was having that same experience
in their own community.

That maybe didn't look like yours.

That maybe didn't behave like yours.
That maybe didn't worship like yours.

And your life experience means nothing to them, either.

Now that we KNOW our experience isn't the only one,

we're arrogant to continue thinking that ours is still the best.

The people that look like us are the best.

The people that behave like us are the best.
The people who worship like us are the best.

I have pity for you,

if your family, your only true loves
start and stop right there.

Starts and stops at the people who look like you, 

behave like you, 
and worship like you.

Because that makes you a harmful human.

Every breath you speak, every vote you cast,

every act of preservation

is rooted in selfishness.

That's not how I want to experience this world.


We're not computers.

We don't operate as lines of code

where if X is true, then Y happens.

Where every click has a predictable destination.

It'd be nice and easy, sure.
It would confirm all our beliefs and actions.

Or maybe we ARE like that.

But we're just really bad at seeing what good and evil truly look like.

- C McG

Sunday, September 24, 2017

OMG So Many Things - Episode 4 and Life Updates

Hey! Kate and I are still trucking along with our podcast. And we're having a lot of funnnnn!

I'm relaxing today from a weekend of improv shows with my team The Jerries. Next up, on 9/29 (my birthday!), I'm performing in the KC Improv Company's premiere of "Bring a Friend" at 10:00 at Kick Comedy Theater in Westport.

I'm also still making and selling charity hats! I'm nearing the $100 mark! I don't have any specific events on the immediate horizon, but I have plenty of hats to show you if you want to make an appointment to shop the bin. I also periodically share them on my Facebook page.

Happy Sunday, all!