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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Take Up Space

There's a recurring pattern I've seen in myself
and other women I care deeply about.

There's this...hesitance in us,

a hesitance to exist
and take up space.

We are so apologetic for being there

in the room
in the class
on the stage,


We feel like our presence is a burden,

a collective eye-roll from the rest of the folks in the room.

I challenge us to be confident in knowing

that we're allowed to be there
just as much as anyone else.

Maybe moreso, who knows?

The sooner we pretend like we belong,

we'll feel like we belong.

And when we feel like we belong,

everyone will KNOW we belong.

-C McG

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chase Yourself for Awhile

In the pursuit of finding better versions of ourselves,
I sometimes worry if we forget our core selves, you know?

We are already such vibrant, whole, tremendous bodies


What are we chasing?
What are we running from?

What are we rejecting?

Every new shiny thing we chase

is at the expense of something we already are.

Every new person we try to be

forgets the person we already are.

I don't know why we want to forget who we already are.

We're already enough.


I've tried to start letting go of things that are aimless pursuits.
Things that don't serve the person I am right now.

The 'new me?'
The 'best version of myself?'

MUST be someone who gives a shit about me.

That is absolutely my job.
I have to give a shit about me.

The sooner I do that, 

the sooner I'll be equipped to tackle the world.

Because I'll know that at the end of the day,

I chased myself for awhile,
and gave my already wonderful self
the tools,
the rest,
the love I needed.

-C McG

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

March Happenings and Hat Closure

Hey, friends!

[I had originally started this post by apologizing for posting without a comic. WTF, Classy. It's your blog, you can post what you want.] [Besides, this will give me more time to finish the comics I'm working on and do them well.] [NOT THAT IT MATTERS.]

Today, I wanted to just reflect out loud (and in writing) that my hat factory is finally closing this month. For reals!

I had been combing through my blogs to plan posts for Your Classy Companion, and I saw about this time last year, I had started TRYING to say that, but eventually I got bowled over.

It's such a difficult decision, but such an easy decision to make, really.

I started making hats about 10 years ago as a way to fill time so I wasn't so preoccupied with boredom eating. It was novel, it was fun, I could give the hats as gifts to my friends, and it was exactly what I needed to be doing.

Six years ago, I learned I could make some money for charity with them, so I started using my annual charity drives to fuel this motivation -- I had been gifted lots of yarn (and found lots of great sales), and I could help charities without having to use my own money; I could crowd-fund that shit. It was great. It's win-win when I can raise funds for charity and help someone get some shopping done at the same time.

What's been happening lately, though, is that I'm craving time that isn't just me sitting on my couch for hours at a time doing pretty much nothing. I have art to make, I have yoga to do, I have walks I can take, I have house projects I can do (hell, or just sitting on the patio and staring off to do), and I have friends to see, and memories to make, and stories to tell, and jokes to make the rafters shake...

And I can't do all of that when I'm just saying, 
"No, I can't. I have to work on hats."

Something had to give.

And I chose to let go of the hats.

This month, I'm bringing my hat bin out to 2 events on March 24th, and then I'm pretty much giving the rest away. I'll keep making Largey McRollertons and other things I CHOOSE to make with the yarn I still have at home, which is very little at this point. I donated 2 garbage bags full of yarn last month.

So anyway, here's what's up:

Saturday, March 24, 7:00PM, The Buffalo Room, KCMO - America's Improv Test Kitchen presents "Her Story," an all-female performers night of improv celebrating Women's History Month. I'm co-hosting, I'm co-producing, AND my troupe The Jerries is performing. We're raising funds for GLOW, Inc, and hats are "pay what you can" and all proceeds will be passed to them. For info and tickets, click here.

ALSO Saturday, March 24, 10:00PM - We're hosting a KC Improvisers Dance Party at the same venue, and we're raising funds for Planned Parenthood, and I'm going to have all kinds of stuff up for purchase/raffle there, so if you are an improviser and want to mingle, this is for you! Info and tickets are here.


Thanks everyone, for all your support of my hats over the years. Over 500 hats have left my home and landed on various heads throughout the US, and it's been a joy to share my love this way. I'm looking forward to the next 10 years of getting back to my actual roots of drawing and storytelling and comedy, and I hope you'll find that as fun as you found my hats to be. 




Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Rounding Up

You know when you pour yourself some food,
the appropriate size for a normal person,

and then you sense there's just a little still left in the container,
so you keep pouring

and then you have too much?

You can't put the extra BACK!

You can't just leave a half-serving in the bottom of the container, right?!

In my house,
it ends up being a very-neglected sad container
of almost-food.

Never mind that we could just pair it with something else later.

What's even the point?

- C McG

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Not Fine

This is just one of those posts
where I want to share some kind words
in case you need them.

Telling someone "I'm fine" isn't helpful.
"I'm fine" doesn't start a dialog.
It doesn't begin the process of healing.

Whether it's your doctor
or a coach
or a loved one,
answering "I'm fine"
when you AREN'T fine
leaves the door closed.

More often than not,
if you are close to someone
or they are your professional support,

they want to know what's not fine.

They can't help "fine."
There's no coaching for "fine."
There's no correcting for "fine."

Just remember you can be not-fine.

And you can say that out loud.

We will listen.

-C McG

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Set the Bar Low

I'm currently reading another Gretchen Rubin book, Happier at Home. She writes a lot about creating good habits and goals for maintaining those new habits based on who you are as a person, rather than what the Internet says is the best/only way to do xyz.

I passed this quote, as she was figuring out how to attack clutter at home:
My instinct to be methodical was very strong, but in the end, I decided to tackle clutter opportunistically. I didn't want this to be a one-time exercise, helpful for a brief time, until the clutter crept back in (as it always does). Instead, I wanted to train myself to use this approach for the rest of my life. For that, I'd have to set the bar low.
Now, in theory, setting the bar low sounds pessimistic and patronizing.

But in reality, setting the bar low is something I think we need to do more. 

If we take a good hard look at ourselves,
we'll see that we're pretty stuck in our ways,
and huge drastic changes in our habits are jarring.

A lot of the time, we'll bail as soon as we can.

We participate in so many 30-day challenges,

get skinny quick plans for upcoming weddings, vacations, whatever.
Cleanses, purges, re-sets, blah blah blah.

And then assume we'll just carry on when the pressure is over.

But, uh.


I'm learning that it's slowest

but easiest
to make small changes
a little bit at a time.

It's kinda tying back into my "give yourself time" post.
We're just so bad at finding a normal routine for changing ourselves

when we're so set in our routines for staying the same
or falling even further away from ourselves.

So anyway, set the bar low.
Embrace a small, manageable positive change.
And other changes will start to fall into place.

-C McG