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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dusting out the Interwebs

I've been extremely fascinated by
and occasionally swept up by
the act of de-cluttering.

De-cluttering is a healthy psychological act.
Clear your surroundings,
clear your mind.

Don't collect things.
Collect experiences.

Throw away things that don't give you joy.
Recycle recycle recycle.


We also collect a lot of media
on the Internet.

The most simple click of a "Like" button a business page,
and acceptance of a Friend request,
a nudge of the "Follow" option.

All these passive declarations of loyalty.


These feeds we collect,
they represent a little picture of who we are as a person
the day we start collecting.

Months, years down the line,
we scroll past things in our feeds
annoyed they are taking up our space.


I got a real bug up my ass a few weeks ago.

I have been practicing yoga for years
and collecting pages to support along the way.

What I suddenly began to realize
is that most pages were selling me yoga I had no interest in doing,
yogis I had no interest in being.

Impossible poses on the cliffs near a body of water.
Prohibitively expensive destination practices.
Daily challenges sponsored by various yoga companies and other online yoga personalities.

And I snapped.

And I found every page I followed,
and...cleaned house, I guess.

It's amazing what can happen to your mind
when the implausible possibilities,
the accidental shame-inducers
just vanish.


We don't need to cling to things
that don't reflect who we are anymore.

We can move on from friends who are no longer in our lives.

We can clear clutter for new businesses and projects.

"Hiding" the posts without leaving the people is fine,
but why?

Just let it go.

If you can do it with your social media accounts,
maybe you can finally learn to let things go in real life, too.

Make room for what you care about right now.

Those accounts will be there if you decide you need them again someday.

-C McG

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Values in Habits

You're totally surprised to see another post where I profess my love of Gretchen Rubin, right?

When I read "Better Than Before," I took a lot of notes. Pages of notes.

Now months after the fact, I'm still reviewing my notes and reminding myself of all the eye-opening tidbits of information I'm still in the middle of processing.

It was the kind of book that made me question why I try things,

and questioned my methods to achieve success in those things.


Something we do a lot in life --

we try to take on habits,
try to change something about ourselves,
try to fix something

solely because we think that's what we're supposed to be doing.

Because all our friends are doing it.

We have no actual interest in doing it,

but we see other people practicing it
and we sit in this weird, I don't know, FOMO void
where we declare to the world,
"Man, I should be doing that, too!"

But we never get around to doing it.

Maybe it's committing to start running
or to try Whole 30
or to meditate
or to stop eating meat
or to stop drinking coffee
or or or or

These habits that we declare to want in our lives
but can never seem to actually DO,
Gretchen calls them "Red Herring Habits."

These are habits that reflect other people's values

priorities, goals, wishes, hopes, dreams.

We never get around to doing them

because those people aren't us.

We have our own values

priorities, goals, wishes, hopes, dreams.

At this point, I think I'm the only person in my friend circle that hasn't tried Whole 30.

I've decided that it's because I don't want to. I don't place value on short spurts of really drastic change in my diet. It doesn't work for me.

Not because it CAN'T, but because I don't want it to.

You'll never start a running habit you don't want to actually have.

You'll never start a meditation habit if you don't want to meditate.

There are so many things in the world we can do to feel fulfilled.

And you might be the ONLY person that wants to do those things.


As an Obliger, I struggle with finding my own habits identity in the midst of wanting so deeply to support others and meet their expectations.

It's easier for me to start ANY habit when I have an external expectation,
when I feel like someone is watching me. 

Because of that, it's so easy for me to get lost in other people's habits and other people's values.

Who am I when I'm left alone to fill my own time?
What will get my energy?
At the end of the day, what do I value above all else?
What will I do to show the world that's what I value?


-C McG

Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I just wanted to take a moment
to sing my joy
to share my love
to smile to the world.

I've been going to 5:00am classes at the gym since November.

It's finally sunny outside when I'm heading back home each morning.

It shifts my mood for my whole day.

The world feels alive
and ready
for what we're going to contribute today.

Everything's possible

when you can take a look at your neighborhood
before everyone else is awake
and in your way.

What should we add to the world today?
What can we hear calling to us 

in the calm moments
before the cars start
and the mowers start
and the world reminds us
that we need to calm down and fall into line?

What can we hear before we remember
that we have jobs and people to tend to,
meals to make, assignments to finish,

people to please?


I guess I'll go back to sleep
to rest up for the noise.

-C McG

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Cut it Out

I keep myself fairly busy over on InstagramIt's very much my place to post short little nuggets of joy. 

I save my long ramblings for here.

This weekend I got to do some lettering practice and post my progress, and people seem to dig it:

This phrase comes into my life
after I feel like I've been making too many excuses,
too many flimsy explanations
too many cop-outs.

And I'll remember to start asking myself,
"Cut the bullshit. Why are you REALLY not doing the thing?"

Fear, usually.

Another reason that sometimes sneaks out

is that I don't actually WANT to do the thing.

And sometimes that's OK, too.

Just either do it or don't soon, OK?

-C McG

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Your Classy Companion Interlude 1 - Tim Gillespie

Hello, friends! Happy Sunday!

I've just released my 18th installment of Your Classy Companion -- My audio companion series to this blog! I hope you'll subscribe and catch up with my friends and me through this silly little project.

Tonight I released what I'll deem an "Interlude" track where we step away from talking about my blog posts, and I just ask my friends about something they know a lot about for a few minutes. Today's feature is my husband Tim. He composed the theme song for the series and also often plays during our recordings. He's so great!

I hope you enjoy! Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Onto the Next Thing

You probably have figured this out by now,
but I kinda love just mulling over Myers-Briggs personality types,
and I don't even care what you think of me for it.

When I take my own assessments, I very often land on ESFJ or ENFJ.

I don't quite get all the 'cognitive stacking' assessments 

of what your letter orders mean,
but I DO know how I FEEL, so whew. 

(It's a good thing I'm not a legit academic blog, amirite?)

The gist is:

I'm energized by interacting with other people and being in social situations (despite my non-MB-related body-image issues that make me initially very uncomfortable being in public. I usually get over it in time).

I often will put myself in some sort of mentor/leader/consult role to be able to do everything how I'd like it to be done (and to help people reach their goals) (but mostly because I feel like I have a vision for how to get things done).

I care DEEPLY about a wide circle of people. I want to know about them, their stories, their hopes and dreams for this existence, and will bend over backwards to help them achieve their goals.

To a point.

The other side of me is that I DO need nearly-constant streams of affirmation that I'm doing well and that my work is needed/useful. If I don't get that feedback, I will burn the fuck out. I also will burn out if I start to feel like I'm being taken advantage of. Which happens because I have a hard time saying "no" when I need a break, even when it's to people who are taking advantage of me (I'm getting better, though).

So basically, I'm very helpful and loving! Until I Am Not. LOL. Cool, great.


Something I've recently read about is the concept of Co-Rumination. It's essentially the constant venting fests without any resolution. We drag our friends down, they drag us down, when all we do is vent and vent and vent about a situation we obviously need to just get out of, but somehow we think that venting is good enough.

My personality type also seems to have an impatience for Co-Rumination, which is probably OK? But the article came at a perfect moment. Just a week or so before that, I had jotted this sketch in my book:

And I'm adopting that as my EN/ESFJ Classy motto.

Venting and emoting and processing things that are happening to us is SO important for our well-being.

But at some point, we need to figure out if we're venting for the sake of venting, or if we need to move onto the next thing.

Because of my nature of wanting so badly to help you,
I'll get really butt-hurt if we're having the same conversation in six months and you didn't take any of my advice!

OK, I'm only kinda joking about that one ;)

Take care of yourself,

which will then allow you
to take care of others.

-C McG

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Time to Begin is Now

In my self-discernment journey, you probably know that I've stumbled upon Gretchen Rubin and the Four Tendencies framework to help me figure out why I suck at meeting goals for myself (I'm an Obliger).

But what was extra-fascinating to me was also asking extra questions about how I LIKE to tackle projects/habits. These are our Distinctions.

One that is particularly relevant to how I tackle something especially scary/overwhelming is the question of "Are you an over-buyer or an under-buyer? You can take a little quizzy quiz here.

We can make so many excuses that we're not ready to start a thing,

that there's always a better time when we'll magically be more ready somehow.

You can spot an over-buyer from a mile away because they are the ones that insist they can only begin a new thing when they have the right supplies in hand.

They need the special running gear, books, videos, lamps, clothes, shoes, socks, etc etc and THEN they will attempt to go for a run. Maybe.

The artist will need the perfect pens, paper, paints, brushes,

perfect day
perfect muse.

And then they will be ready to create. Maybe.

My challenge is to just throw all that prep to the wind,
hear those moments when I feel compelled do something NOW,
and then make it work with what I already have.

You already have so much.

You already are so much.

Know you can always add more supplies later.


I started drawing mandalas this past month, which was super-fun.
In the penciling process, it became clear that I'd want to ink in my lines

and then erase all my pencil markings.

So I felt like I had EARNED a trip to the pen store to find the perfect pen for that task (but would also be a good pen to have for lots of other things)!

And now I use the pen all the time.

But I totally could have continued making art without it,

and that would have been OK, too.

-C McG